An overview with general information

Population: 2130
Protarch: No Protarch elected (Rinlin Pulgro has perished in the implosion of Zalathorm`s palace)

Maeruhal is a bustling mining town on the eastern banks of lake Maeru. It steadily draws prospecting merchants and metalworkers. It is also a main trading town for collecting and trading of ore mined from Muarghal. In order to keep some semblence of order in a town full of miners, blacksmiths and a large refugee population from Nathalvaas that fled before the Mulfhorandi, the town elders hired two dwarven mercenary companies – The Righteous Hammers and the Golden Shields.

The dwarven merceneries are not only a force to control the black market of Maerhual`s underbelly, they also serve as an ever-present active force that defends the town and the near countryside from Crinti bandits that manage to break through the Nath. These days, mulhorandi stragglers and raiding parties are also an everpresent threat.

Maeruhal is one of the few Halruaan communities that did nost spring around a wizards tower, still, today many towers dot its skyline, and that of surrounding countryside – even though many of its occupant patrons perished in the implosion of the Netyarchs palace.

Important features and sites

The very finest and esoteric Twinkle and whistle – Formerly a grain store, the illusionist Vassa Dimlock opened an inn instead. A traveller might find that the inn is more than just another gambling den near the lake front. It hosts a monthly event called The Lizard cage – where bards can show their skill on the Pitram and war gongs.

Pulgro`s Pallisade – as the name suggests, this protective structure that encircles Maeruhal`s landed approach was at first a wodden pallisade erected on behalf of Rinlin Pulgro, Maeruhal`s evoker of great renown (was also the town protarch until recently), to protect the town from large lizardmen raiding force that crossed the east wall. Later, the pallisade was rebuilt into a fortifiead, 30ft high wall.

Persons of Note

Dobyo Flurrig – the Prince of answers
Drindos Bez-Mont – the Crimson Fist of Azuth
Branwig Forkbeard – leader of the Righteous Hammers mercenary company;
Holper Stoutshield – leader of the Golden Shield mercenaries


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