Procupio Septus of Halarahh

THe Hero of Nath


Procupio comes from a powerful wizard stock of Halagard. Greatness in the Art wasn`t expected of him – it was demanded. Though his father Soolneir Septus pushed him into the household of Archwizard Elderic of Halagard, Procupio couldn`t shine among the legion of Elderic`s skilled apprentices. He left Elderic`s household and entered the Household of Iantyr Stastryl of Halarahh instead. There he rose to prominance among the frantic buzz of Halarahhan political milieu, making up for the social skills his respected Master lacked. The political tension rising between Akhlaur`s and Zalathorm`s side was Procupio`s playground – in the years leading to the final conflict he became the representative of Halagardian block in Halarahh in all but name.

When the final showdown between Akhlaur and Zalathorm finally did occour he disappeared from the scene, and went north to the Nath valley where he spent the most part of Wizardwar defending the Nath pass against Dambrathan raiders from Herath. He built quite a reputation for himself as a military commander when he defeated Neysethil tar`Hlaarval in the field of battle. Though he performed as a military leader in a lesser capacity during the Mulhorandi invasion, Procupio`s name still holds some weight in Halarahh and Halagard both.

Though he could easily hold a tower of his own, Procupio bids his time as a glorified apprentice to Iantyr, using the influence and name Iantyr`s name still holds.


Procupio Septus of Halarahh

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