The Government

An overview of Haruaan political system

Halruaan civilization begins and ends with its wizards – they form the ruling class of Halruaa, and though there are some “pure” bloodlines going back to Ancient Netheril, the class has a healthy fluctuation of new members rising through the ranks from all corners of Halruaan social strata. Politically speaking, only two kinds of Halruaan wizards exist:

Epistaar – These wizards are active in their community, and have some social responsibilities to the people they share community with – particularly the folk not versed in the Art. The term Epistaar is a Loross variant of the Lapal word Epir , which means simply – Chieftain. The Epistaar and his apprentices (his household) form the social nucleus of Halruaan society, mirroring familial ties of the common folk. The most common responsibilities range from giving magical aid in peacetime to defense in times of war. The Epistaar households form the Council of Elders and choose among themselves wizards to fill the title of Netyarch, Protarchs and various other civil and military ranks.

Aponomaar – The Reclusives, or Aponomaars , do not hold responsibilities to any community. Most commonly they do not share in Halruaan leadership, they can only participate as spectators in the Council of Elders (they are not attuned to the Cyrstal orb). They are primarily Hermits and Greenmages, but there are all kinds of Aponomaar households.

The clergy of Mystra and Azuth both hold an active part in Halruaan society – both as moral shepherds and mediators of conflict between the Wizards, when the Magebond and Wizard oath`s fail.

Halruaan Magehounds, because of their role in society, are shunned by all strata, even though they hold execute some wider public duties. Although the Magehounds formally answer to the Magister – the high priest of Azuth, they are effectively independent hunters.

The servitor caste of Halruaan wizards are the House Jordain advisers – they are strictly forbidden to use the Art. Their base of power is a fortress-monastery on the Southern Coast where the Jordainni are trained from cradle up until being delegated to one of the wizards. For a wizard to have a Jordain adviser in his household is a sign of great prestige. Apart from acting as advisers to the wizards, it is them along with the Magebond that hold the various stones of Halruaan wizardry together.

The commoners of Halruaa – farmers, craftsmen, foreign merchants that do not belong to an Epistaar household do not share in Halruaan political decision making, but they can be elected on certain posts suitable for their skills.

The Government

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