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Halruaan civilization was founded over two millenia ago by a group of arcanists fleeing the Fall of Netheril. Led by the great mage Raurmark the refugees settled on the isolated tropical basin of lakes Maeru and Halruaa, surrounded by high mountains, and populated by tribes of Lapal shepherds. Over the centuries Halruaa prospered in blissful isolation, its inhabitants growing in wealth and magical knowledge, seldom interrupted by conflict or outside threats. Though Halruaa`s various wizard factions rarely see eye to eye, they stand united by the dictates of the Magebond, enforced by the Magehound inquisitors and the Weave itself.

Halruaan geographic regions

Sites and Cities of Halruaa

  • Halarahh – the Seat of Halruaa`s Netyarch and the Council of Elders
  • Aluarim – a Prosperous Town on the banks of Aluar
  • Eichul – the Caravanserai of Nathalvaas
  • Maeruhal – A centre of mining and trade

Government, Law&Order and Warcraft

Factions and religions in Halruaa

Major events in Halruaan History


Main Page

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