An overview with general information

Population: 45
Protarch: Aithe Chandmeril (Halruaan Elder)

Eichul is a small town in the heartlands of Nathalvaas that sprang around the once-solitary Tower of archwizard Khoman the Secluded. The name Eichul was derived from its High Netherese form Chiaal which means “needle” – as it was how Khoman`s tower appeared to travelers and farmers on the horizon. Since 560 DR it steadily drew settlers as a caravansary for the short-lived prosperity of the Nath Trade Route. Since the trade with Dambrath diminished greatly after the drow overthrew the kingdom’s Arkaiun rulers, the town became a shipping center for Nathalvaas`s produce. The town was famous for its Sashi brandy, distilled from Sashi grapes endemic to the region by the Sezketyr family. Goods have flown freely down the Wine road to Alaurim and the Lake road to Maeruhal, until the recent Mulhorandi invasion when Horustep III`s troops sacked the city in their advance towards Halruaa`s heartlands.

When the council of Elders gave free reins to the Necromancers and decreed that an army is to be raised, Aithe Chandmeril, a former apprentice of Akhlaur and one of the Dectarch`s (ten Reave Lords) of the new Mystra`s Legion liberated the town in 1372DR. She moved her library and sartuum to Khoman`s Tower, and effectively became its Protarch. The former Tower resident, Hoias the Enchanter publicly accepted her claim.

Today, Eichul is still a husk of its former self. It is litterally a ghost town, as few of the surviving refugees flock to the ruins of their homes – Aithe`s animated skeletons repairing the buildings and toiling the Sashi fields are a common site.

Important features and sites

Khoman`s tower – Once a beautiful edifice of black basalt ornamented with electrum plates mined in the east – now stands scavenged of its valuables, except for the floating cupola at its peak. Aithe barely outfitted the upper levels of this majestic tower, and its many rooms and halls now stand mostly empty. The lower levels hold her sartuum and it is there where the yellow dame of Eichul spends most of her time.

The Sezketyr Destillery – located on the shores of lake Eichul, it is actually a complex of several buildings that used to produce the finest brandy in Halruaa. The only surviving Sezketyr family member to hold the secret recipe is Anasta Sezketyr, a fledgling wizard that returned only recently to her family hearth and raised a Tower among the rubble of the destillary.

Persons of Note

Aithe Chandmeril, the Yellow Dame of Eichul
Anasta Sezketyr, the Red Dame of Eichul


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