An overview with general information

Population: 3843
Protarch: Tristan Avhoxle (Halruaan Elder)

Alaurim is one of the oldest communities in Halruaa. It was founded in -280DR when the archwizard Alaur Sotentyl, contemporary of Halruaa the Great and a transmuter of great power, led his household north and raised the Alabaster Tower on the banks of a river from the deep veins of Nathaghal itself. He declared himself the protector of Arkaiun Lapal natives living by the river, and thus laid the foundations of one of Halruaa`s most prosperous towns. The river, and town both bear his name to this day.

The town of today stretches for about two miles in all directions from the great Alabaster tower. It has a bustling river harbor and a large market next to it where all manner of goods from Nathalvass can be bought or sold. The local merchant populace has grown rich off the backs of farmers and craftsman of Alaur hinterlands, and the most powerful families are popularly called The Wine Lords, after their Haerlu wine business.

Alaurim has been left untouched by the recent Mulhorandi invasion. In keeping with Alaur`s vision, the transmuter architects of Alaurim expand the city radially from the central Alabaster tower, with all new buildings, excluding the resident wizard Towers, being formed or built of whitewashed limestone.

Important features and sites

The Pagoda of Skulls – This solitary shrine to Velsharoon has been recently built by Solthe, the Necromancer of Alaurim, one of the Reave Lords of Mystra`s Legion. As the name suggests, its gateway is a single pagoda built from the skulls of fallen fighters from Nathalvaas. The inner shrine is never open to the faithful of Velsharoon.

Persons of Note

Tristan Avhoxle, the Transmuter of Alaurim


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