Greila Sontoin

The High Lady of Mystery, Ordinatrix of Mt. Talath, Most Revered Servant of the White Queen


Greila Sontoin has been the leader of Mystran community south of Baldur`s gate for as long as anyone can remeber. From the vaulted caverns of Mt. Talath she has counselled kings and seekers of knowledge in both earthly and matters of the Art. When wizard Midnight ascended to become the new Mystra, it is said that Greila was called upon to spend seventeen years in Dweomerheart in the presence of her deity. Ever since, Greila is a traveler between the planes – dividing her time between the glimmer of Dweomerheart and her temple of Mt. Talath in Faerun.

With her life devoted to the higher mysteries of the Art, she leads her church through arbitration, rarely ascerting direct control over the mosaic of mystran clergy. In the end her reason and wisdom prevail over conflict.
Still, as the Weave itself flows both predictably and unpredictably at the same time – so too do Greila`s recent actions seem to pique everyone`s interest. After decades of isolation; in the immediate wake of the destruction of Netyarch`s palace in Halruaa; and the fall of King Zalathorm; Greila descended from her ivory throne with a vengeful fury to hold court in Halarahh over those responsible.


Greila Sontoin

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